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Web Design GalwayHaving your business website designed professionally and online is a must these days. The first place most people in Galway go when they are looking for a web design service or if they want to check anything or any one out is Google.

Having your business listed in a directory and having a facebook page and a Twitter account etc. is always a good idea and is even necessary, but as a business owner or manager you must also have a company website.

Call in and see our Galway web designers. Tell them what you need and they will come back to you with a proposed plan of action and see what we can do for your business. If your business website is not paying you back what you invested in it or more, you have wasted your money. Your business website is a “sales person” working 24/7 without a break. Where else would you get that for the money?

Web Design


Design is very important in the construction of your site. If the design is not attractive or appropriate to your business it will not encourage your prospects to do business with you or your company. i.e. your website must appeal to your visitors.



Search engine optimisation is about helping the search engines understand the content of your website and is therefore also vital to it’s success. If the search engines cannot read and understand the code and text of your site they will not be able to list it properly in their index.

Social Networking


Social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more are very popular today and can be used to bring traffic to your website where you can promote yourself and your products.


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Your potential customers will often judge your business by the quality of your website since it is part of your business profile. If you do not have one at all, your potential customers will be your competitor’s customers. Our Galway web designers will custom build a website for your business that will be optimised to rank well in the search engines and make the impression you want.

Key Webs Galway build business websites. The web is not just for multinational companies. Local small businesses (that includes Galway businesses) can and do benefit from having a website. Your first consultation is free. So, if you are not sure whether you need a website, give us a call and talk to our Galway web designers and developers.

We will help you with your domain name selection, website design, logo design, web images, search engine optimisation, site maintenance and anything else you need for your website.

In today’s economy competitive pricing is very important to our customers. So we always give value for money. Call us before you make a decision.